Club driver, coach, manager refuses to play, ‘take’ 3 points home

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Football loving people were left hanging and disappointed when the referee blew his whistle thrice to signal an end of a Mpumalanga SASOL League match without a ball being kicked. The match between Losta Stars Ladies FC against Two Touch FC was scheduled to play on Sunday 09 September 2018 at Masenkeni Stadium, Thandukukhanya in Mkhondo.
The home team Losta Stars Ladies FC and Two Touch FC from kwaMhlanga were present on the field about to kick off when the match was called off. This happened at the insistence of coach, manager and driver of the visiting side Two Touch FC. The man who we could not get his name complained about the kick off time that was delayed by 17 minutes due to a Thandukukhanya Promotion League game which ended at 1:15pm.

“Let’s take the three points and go home. This people do not even know the rules, there is not even corner flags here. Our kick off time is not 1:15pm but 1pm. Let us go,”

The match referee Mr Smanga Nkosi told the clubs to enter the field immediately after the promotion league game ended. The two club captains were ready to check each others playing cards when Two Touch FC coach told his captain that they will not play the match because of kick off time. “Let’s take the three points and go home. This people do not even know the rules, there is not even corner flags here. Our kick off time is not 1:15pm but 1pm. Let us go,” he shouted. Two Touch FC captain looked disappointed with the decision by her coach but went ahead. The home team captain Constance was left confused by the referee’s decision.

Match referee asked the clubs to wait for Thandukukhanya Promotion League match to finish before playing their SASOL League match. The match was eventually called at insistence of man on left of the picture (wearing a hat and track pants) off on Sunday 09 September 2018 at Masenkeni Stadium.

“The referee said he will write a report to say kick off time was not adhered to. I asked him why stop our game because there was another official game playing, he did not respond. This team is scarred of playing us and think they will take position two of the league without playing,” she said. The matter will be decided by the disciplinary committee of the league after reading the referee’s match report. This was a huge disappointment to the fans and women football. Women football is still at a development stage and the players need game time to fast track and improve their playing skills. Winning games and getting points via walkovers is not helping especially when you consider the few matches played by the teams of Mpumalanga SASOL League. The clubs are involved in an eight (8) team league where they will end up recording 14 games played all season. Rules are rules and they also should be respected at the end of the day. Fans and the clubs concerned will wait for the DC to decide on the outcome.

The Stream A league is currently led by Coal City Wizards FC from Emalahleni with a 100% record after nine (9) matches played. They are favourites to enter and be part of the soon to be launched Women Premier League set to begin in April 2019. They have scored 65 goals conceding only one goal in ten matches. The second placed team is Two Touch FC with 21 points. Losta Stars Ladies FC occupy 3rd place with eighteen (18) points. Leandra Ladies FC is at position four (4) with 16 points, 5th is FC Royal Nights with 12 points, 6th is St. Mary’s Ladies FC with 8 points. The bottom place is occupied by Chosen Few FC with 7 points and Moving Church FC with no points collected in ten games scoring only one goal all season.

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