Home Sweepers FC owner clashes with players, moves club to Thandukukhanya with new players

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The recent boom and love of football currently experienced in Mkhondo Local Municipality is unprecedented and has led to split of clubs and emergence of new teams. The modus operandi of new teams is mostly the same: A person will go be part an established team assisting with coaching or any other role he/she may play. “Jiki” the same person is found coaching and owning a new club at the start of a season. In some instances a power struggle ensues in a club, fights between players or even finances are the reasons of clubs splitting.
There has been another victim of such situation at Mkhondo Local Municipality. The runners up at the 2018 Mkhondo Promotional Playoffs Home Sweepers FC players have split from owner Mr Johnny Ngura Masuku. The club won the Thandukukhanya Promotion League 2017/18 season stream B and lost at the playoffs to PR Wanderers FC in the final. It is alleged that Mr Masuku pocketed the R3000 prize money to himself which led to a revolt by the players and their coach Thozani TeeKay.

The coach Thokozani Teekay will take over the control of the club assisted by new club owners from Ajax, Mkhondo. Seen here at the 2018 MKLFA Playoff match HiFi FC vs Home Sweepers FC played on Sunday 20 May 2018 at KwaThandeka, Amsterdam.

The signs of problems were visibly seen when the players refused to wear a kit brought in by Mr Masuku when they played Thandukukhanya Positional Playoffs on Sunday 03 July 2018 at Masenkeni Stadium. This happened in full view of spectators and other clubs present. A source who was there told Diski99 Sports News: “Mr Masuku came with a kit to give to his club before their match against PR Wanderers FC but the players refused to wear it. Instead they took out another kit which looked new and wore it,” said the source. Home Sweepers FC owner Mr Masuku is now busy recruiting new players for the club and will move the team from Ajax back to Phosa, Thandukukhanya.
A source close to the former players of Home Sweepers FC says there is a new club that will be formed based at Ajax, Normandien Farms. The club name was borrowed from the original club and have ‘Sweepers’ as one of the names.

The name of the newly formed club is Ajax Sweepers FC to compete at stream A of Thandukukhanya Promotion League 2018/2019 season. Kusazoba lit eMkhondo.

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