Kicking and flying fists between two bitter rivals leads to abandonment of SAB League match

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Chaos broke out and all hell broke loose in the SAB League derby between PR Barcelona vs Flymingo United FC on Sunday 12 May 2019 at Milner Park Ground in Mkhondo. The beautiful game turned very ugly towards the end of the match when a huge fight broke out between the two teams leading to match officials calling off the game. The score was 4-2 in favour of Flymingo United FC.

It was not going to be a normal derby match with both sides at different ends of the log table. The home side PR Barcelona needed the points to move out of the relegation zone, a place they found themselves in for the first time in nine (9) seasons. Their bitter rivals Flymingo United are challenging for the league title for a chance to go to the playoffs and qualify to play the ABC Motsepe League.

The game was flowing very nice in the first half when the first fight began in the 20th minute of the first half. Flymingo United striker was being kicked by young PR Barcelona defender Siyabonga Maphalala (18), he retaliated by clapping the young man in an off the ball incident during a corner kick. Siyabonga went down and a hot clap was immediately directed at Khokho resulting in a mini fight between the two sides. The fight was quickly broken up by the players themselves and the referee Smanga Nkosi issued a pep talk to calm the situation. The match continued with the players giving each other respect playing normal football which was only spoiled by the bumpy field of Milner Park. The match went into half time at 0-0 both sides unable to score.

There was kicking and flying fists in the chaos for a few minutes but with a huge damage to the already sour relationship between the two clubs.

The 2nd half started on fire when Mayambela scored a beautiful long range shot which went to the far post inside the net to give PR Barcelona FC the lead with just 5 minutes played. He was given a beautiful through pass from the midfield which he shot first time into the top corner of the net giving Flymingo United keeper Sandiso ‘Zuka’ Dlamini no chance. It did not take longer for Flymingo United to come back into the game. Nhlanhla played a beautiful cross from the left to find Khokho who scored with a beautiful header to equalize 1-1. Two minutes later the PR Barcelona defence lost concentration leading to a gift goal scored by Sqwayi. Fans witnessed three beautiful goals in 10 minutes, the derby was living out to expectations at 2-1.

PR Barcelona pushed for the equaliser but their players were tiring and leaving gaps at the back. Khokho was giving PR Barcelona defence more troubles in front. He scored his brace in the 30th minute of the 2nd half after stealing the ball from PR Barcelona defender Stigga to score past the helpless goalkeeper to take score to 3-1. Two minutes later Khokho beat the offside trap, received the ball and crossed to Sqwayi scoring his brace and lead 4-1. PR Barcelona pulled one goal back towards the end of the match to take the score at 4-2 when Gebe beat the offside trap to shoot past Zuka in goal.

The first fight happened when the score was still 0-0 in the first half. The match referee managed to calm the situation and did not give cards. Little did he know what was still to come.

We were watching an exciting finish to the derby match with the score at 4-2 in favour of the away side when the second major fight began. The match referee was stunned and did not know what to do except for blowing his whistle hoping the players will stop. There was kicking and flying fists in the chaos for a few minutes but with a huge damage to the already sour relationship between the two clubs.

The fighting quickly subsided as some players from Flymingo United realising that they may lose the game stopped fighting. The damage had already been done, Mayambela and Siyabonga of PR Barcelona continued to fight looking for Vuyo and Khokho who was one of the instigators of the fight. A lot of time was wasted in the process of stopping the two PR Barcelona players from reaching out to Khokho and Vuyo of Flymingo United. The match referee called the two captains Themba and Ncamiso where they had a small discussion before blowing the whistle to end the game at 4-2.

It is not clear what started the second fight but the same players from the first fight were involved i.e. Siyabonga, Khokho and Mayambela. In another incident witnesses said Mayambela was also tripped on the touchline and stepped on by a Flymingo United player. He came up and went for Vuyo baying for his blood but was restrained. It became ugly and the grudges will continue between the two clubs with a long history of rivalry dating back to the 2015/16 season when PR Barcelona defeated the then position 2 club Flymingo United FC 1-0 in a league match before going on to defeat the ventual champions Tjakastad Junior Sheperds FC. Flymingo United FC would have won the league title and qualified for the ABC Motsepe League playoffs if they had not lost to PR Barcelona that season.

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