New Super League plus promotion & relegation system for the 2019/20 season in Mkhondo

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The governing body of local amateur football in Thandukukhanya, Mkhondo Local Municipality has taken a decision to include a league division below the Mkhondo Promotion League (RSA 5th division) to begin in the 2019/2020 season. The decision was taken at a meeting of clubs playing under Thandukukhanya Promotion League in August at Masenkeni Stadium. The number of clubs affiliated to play in the 2018/19 season is thirty five (35) in total including six new clubs to play in Stream A&B.
Stream A consist of seventeen (17) clubs after one club was added to the stream which retained all clubs from last season. Three clubs from stream B did not come back (Blue Lions FC, Dynamite FC & Wilverdiend Stars FC). They have been replaced by new clubs taking the number of teams in stream B to eighteen (18). The league took a decision to introduce relegation and promotion as a results of this increase of clubs in promotion league. It is hoped the introduction of Mkhondo Super League will stimulate competition in the league.

“We have been growing ever since. Now we find ourselves with thirty five (35) clubs wanting to play in our league. We had to act.”

The Mkhondo LFA secretary said they had no choice but to introduce the Super League. “The number of clubs has been rising every season since we took over the administration of football in Mkhondo. We had 18 teams when we took over in the 2012/13 season. The number increased to 22 in 2013/14. We introduced two streams in the 2014/15 when we received 27 applications which was the same in 2015/16. We have been growing ever since. Now we find ourselves with thirty five (35) clubs wanting to play in our league. We had to act,” he said. The league will relegate the clubs finishing at the bottom of the log in both streams. The stream A will only let go of one club. Stream B will relegate two (2) clubs finishing in position 17& 18.

Clubs that fail to honour three (3) matches will automatically be relegated to the lower division. The winners of each Stream will still qualify for the Mkhondo Promotional Playoffs where they will join champions from other leagues playing under Mkhondo LFA. The chance to play in the playoffs is the ultimate prize in the league. It comes with promotion to the regional SAB League, R5000 cash money and a playing kit for overall winners of the playoffs.

Thandukukhanya Promotion League stream A&B log standings a at 14 October 2018. One club will be relegated in stream A and two will be relegated in stream B to remain with 16 teams in both streams.

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