Snooker teams hopes newly elected executive committee will take the sport forward.

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The new and fast growing game of snooker in Mkhondo took another step towards development with the election of a new executive member committee to take the sport forward. These are the wishes of the clubs that elected the seven (7) executive committee members of Mkhondo Pool Association at a meeting held on Wednesday 30 January 2019 at Ntumbane Tavern, Thandukukhanya. The newly elected committee will look into the affairs of the game of snooker which is becoming the fast growing sport playing on Sundays at different venues around Mkhondo.

There was uncertainty on the success of the meeting as the quorum was not enough leading to a 30 minute delay to the start of the meeting. There was also no sign of former chairperson Mr Bhekithemba Mbatha who was conspicuously absent from the meeting along with his board. It was not clear whether the previous board had been notified but the clubs present confirmed the verbal notice which had been communicated on Sunday 27th at Ndindile Tavern. The absenteeism of the previous executive members led to clubs nominating themselves in chairing the meeting. Ironically the last team to add to the numbers which made the quorum was Labies Tavern represented by Papi Hlophe, the only previous board member at the elective meeting. He arrived late and apologised saying he got the meeting notice late.

“Well they did not tell us about the meeting so we assumed we are not wanted there.”

Relief was written on the meeting attendees face when the secretary of the day Cebo said the clubs present made the quorum. Mandla from Russia chaired the meeting allowing the burning issues to be heard first before setting a proper agenda. The teams discussed the problem of matches not starting on time which they said was caused by business owners looking to cash-in on late night business. The movement of players’ confusion was explained as well. The rule which they all agreed on was that a player must serve at least four (4) weeks in one team before transferring to another team. After exhaustion of the burning issues for an hour it was decided that the new committee will formulate the rules, constitution and the laws of the game to be given to all teams.

The new committee is facing many challenges which include discipline among its member clubs. There are currently no written rules governing the game which the committee must urgently fix.

The meeting then entered the other burning issue of elections. The clubs wasted thirty (30) minutes discussing the format of the elections. One of the ideas was to nominate seven names and allow the seven nominated individuals to elect each other for positions. It was eventually decided that three people will be nominated and go to an open vote without the presence of nominees.

Mandla from Russia was elected unopposed as the chairperson but the deputy chair position was contested by three people. Ray from Two Boys Club became deputy chairperson after getting 9 votes ahead of Banele (3) and Collen (2). Ntobeko who has been following the game since its inception as a fan was elected the new secretary with ten (10) votes ahead of Zenzele (3) and Collen who receive only one vote. Banele from Ntumbane was elected as her deputy with eleven (11) votes beating Manqoba (3) and Menzi who received none. Papi from Labies Tavern was elected as the treasurer with eleven (11) votes defeating Abie (4) and Senzo (1). The additional members were drawn from members that had lost the votes in the top positions. Senzo from Ndindile Tavern and Sibonelo from West were elected as additional members of Mkhondo Pool Association.

“We do not have a problem with the new committee they must just take us forward as they say they will do.”

When contacted the previous chairperson and one of the founders of the snooker games Mr Bhekithemba Mbatha played it all down and was cool about the change. “Well they did not tell us about the meeting so we assumed we are not wanted there. We do not have a problem with the new committee they must just take us forward as they say they will do,” he said. The Sbetha All Stars coach also said he hopes the new executive committee will continue with the plans of establishing a Snooker League this year, a plan that his executive was working on before they were voted out. The newly elected committee also touched on the subject of the league and promised the clubs to come up with plan soon. It is hoped the league will help to grow the sport and attract more people to play the sport in an organised environment.

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